13: Talking Custom Guns with a Mad Cactus

Welcome to the Gun Experiment Episode 013.  This week Keith and I speak to Mad Cactus Customs, review tourniquets and shoot the shit about dove hunting.

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I. Interview (00:02:42)
Our guest tonight is an FFL out of Dayton, Texas. He specializes in custom Cerekote, laser engraving and stippling. Please welcome Luck, from Mad Cactus Customs.
II. Run and Gun (00:21:25)
III. Top Gear (00:23:07)

  • Recon Medical Gen 4 Tourniquet


  • Solid Construction
  • Aluminum Windless
  • Windless clips were beefy
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $16.97


  • Made in China

IV. Shootin’ The Shit (00:32:50)

The guys shoot the shit about Dove Hunting. It’s something Mike has always wanted  to do, very similar to one of Keith’s favorite activities and something  Luck has a lot of experience doing.

V. Outro (00:45:39)

I want to thank Luck for being on the show, it was a pleasure hearing all about his business and we thank him for sharing his knowledge of gun customization and dove hunting. You can find Mad Cactus Customs at:

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