Mike has been shooting guns since he was a boy, but it wasn’t until  2013 that he immersed himself in the gun culture. This growing passion would eventually leave him looking for a voice that could inspire and educate others…The Gun Experiment was born. When he isn’t shooting, looking for the next great guest or editing audio, Mike enjoys quality whiskey, hunting, fishing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Big Keith

Although Big Keith’s parents didn’t expose him to them, he grew up around guns and hunting through his extended family.  As an adult, he decided to buy his first gun, a Smith & Wesson revolver, and his collection continued to grow from there.  Big Keith was actually Mike’s first podcast interview ever; the episode never actually aired and Keith just stuck around.  Keith is particularly fond of shooting trap, but when he isn’t busting clays, he likes fast cars, cool airplanes and playing golf.


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