14: Are You “Ready Man”?

Welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I speak to Jeff Kirkham from Readyman, discuss building a better human weapon and review new gear.

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I. Interview (00:03:27)
Our guest tonight spent 29 years as a Green Beret, 4 years with the DEA, has authored several books, has several patents credited to him and is the creative force behind Readyman.com; please welcome, Jeff Kirkham. 

II. Run and Gun (00:56:08)

III. Let’s Mix It Up (00:58:21)

Where should we allocate our time and money in order to become a more perfect human weapon? (ie. shooting, grappling, striking, medical training, fitness, diet, bush craft, hostage evasion and survival.

IV. Top Gear (01:09:55)

Mike’s Item: Off Body Carry System: Kelty Sling Bag and Alien Gear 


  •  Carries good amount of gear
  • Blends in civilian environments
  • Swappable shells
  • Holster can be stuck to other surfaces


  • Slow to draw
  • Bulky if worn in the front
  • A little pricey (Bag $55  /  Holster $45.88)



Jeff’s Item: American Tomahawk 

  • Small Lightweight
  • Multi use tool
  • Use for chopping, digging, meat processing, breaking windows
  • “Profuse Public Apology Guarantee” HA!
  • $189
  • https://www.americantomahawk.com/

V. Outro (01:20:08)

We want to thank Jeff for being on the show and sharing his vast experience with us.  Check him out at: Readyman  Plan2Survive  Full30   Instagram   

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