12: Daniel Shaw, Mental Toughness and Guilty Pleasures

Welcome to the Gun Experiment Episode 012.  This week Keith and I speak to a very special guest, discuss Mental toughness, and shoot the shit about guilty pleasures.

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I. Interview (00:02:00)

Our guest tonight is a retired US Marine Corp infantry leader and combat weapons master instructor, founder of Shaw Strategies, director of marketing at Gun Mag Warehouse and host of The Gunfighter Cast Podcast, please welcome Daniel Shaw. 

II. Run and Gun (00:44:11)
III. Let’s Mix It UP (00:46:36)

”Hurt or injured? There’s always a way to fight. You just have to find it.”

We discuss mental toughness and how we can develop the mindset to keep pushing through during difficult challenges

IV. Shootin’ The Shit (00:56:56)

 The guys shoot the shit about guilty pleasure and how Keith has zero guilt about anything. 

V. Outro (01:05:15)
I want to thank Daniel for being on the show, it was a pleasure hearing all about his experiences and we thank him for all of his insight. You can find Daniel at:

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