96: Inside Kings River Customs: Matt Riker’s Take on Custom 1911’s

Welcome to The Gun Experiment. This week we speak with the CEO of Kings River Custom 1911’s and have an in depth conversation on the joys of living a custom lifestyle.

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I. Interview

Today’s guest has held multiple roles within the gun industry and has managed to build an impressive resume over the past 20 years. One of his standout accomplishments lies in his design of an extensive range of custom 1911 builds, primarily catering to the high-end market. Alongside his other partners at Kings River Customs and a talented group of gunsmiths, he has managed to expertly combine new techniques and exotic materials to bring his clients’ custom 1911 visions to life; please welcome Matt Riker to the show.

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II. Run and Gun

III. Let’s Mix It Up

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Today on Let’s Mix It Up, we are going to discuss living a custom lifestyle and why it’s so rewarding.

IV. Outro

We want to thank Matt for coming on the show and sharing his passion for custom 1911’s. We really respect and admire how much he values quality in every aspect of his life. We believe that when we have something that is crafted with love and attention to detail it taps into our soul and that’s truly special.

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