93: Discussing Firearms, Bushcraft, Preparedness and Minuteman Bags with Kevin Estela from Field Craft Survival

This week we speak with the Director of Training at Field Craft Survival and discuss how to build a Modern Minute Man Bag

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I. Interview

Today’s guest is a lifelong outdoorsman who was a high school history teacher for 14 years when he decided to leave it all behind and take his love of teaching to the outdoors.  Well versed in bushcraft and survival skills he is the former lead survival instructor for the Wilderness Learning Center and the author of the book “101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods”.  He is currently the Director of Training at Field Craft Survival; please welcome Kevin Estela to the show.

II. Run and Gun

III. Let’s Mix It Up

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On this episode of Let’s Mix It Up we discuss how to build the perfect modern minuteman bag. (Go Bag?) (Go bag vs Get Home vs Bug out vs. EDC)

IV. Outro

We want to thank Kevin for joining us and discussing survival skills, a topic that we admittedly don’t get to dedicate enough time to, but we feel is so important. It’s really great to see how passionate he is about his craft and sharing it with others. We really look forward to implementing some of the ideas we discussed on Minuteman bags.

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