90: Connecting the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment with ”The Pen Patriot” John Petrolino

How’s it going everybody and welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I talk with an author specializing in Second Amendment content, then we review the Triggertech AR15 Drop in trigger and the Stevens 560 Field Shotgun.

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I. Interview

Today’s guest believes deeply in individual freedoms and has long been fascinated by the written word ranging from poetry to journalistic writing. Combining these two passions, his writings embrace the fundamental freedoms afforded to us in the US. His creative writing is integrated with contemporary Americana and his articles revolve mostly around the freedoms enumerated in The Bill of Rights; Known as “The Pen Patriot”, please welcome John Petrolino to the show.

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II. Run and Gun

III. Top Gear

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On this episode of Top Gear, we take a look at the Triggertech AR15 Drop in trigger and get more info on the Steven’s 560 Field Shotgun.

IV. Outro

We want to thank John for coming on the show and talking about his love of writing and sharing his thoughts on the second amendment. We often talk about the problematic nature with both mainstream media and social media platforms. Authors such as him offer a healthy alternative and act as a conduit for so many who share his values, but don’t have the platform to share their opinions; John, thank you for being a voice for so many people in the second amendment community.

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