89: Discussing True Criminal Violence and Immersion Training with Varg Freeborn

How’s it going everybody and welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I talk with the author of Violence of Mind and discuss immersion training.

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I. Interview

Today’s guest is a self defense and firearms instructor with intimate knowledge and experience with high level criminally violent attackers.  He is also a strength and fitness coach and the author of the books Violence of Mind and Beyond OODA, please welcome Varg Freeborn to the show.

II. Run and Gun

III. Let’s Mix It Up

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On this episode of Let’s Mix It Up, we discuss Varg’s new Immersion Training Program.

IV. Outro

I want to thank Varg for joining us tonight. Many gun owners want to train both mentally and physically for what may be the worst possible scenario, but he has lived through this exact type of situation. Varg’s insight into violence, the mindset needed to avoid it, and survive through it when all else fails, is so valuable and we appreciate him sharing his incite with us and our listeners.

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