84: From Policy to Practice: Examining the Implementation of Armed School Employees with Laura Carno of FASTER Colorado

How’s it going everybody and welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I talk with the Executive Director of FASTER Colorado and take a deeper look at how to harden our schools and protect our nation’s children.
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I. Interview

Today’s guest appears regularly in Colorado and national media, as well as the occasional blog. She is a political media strategist and the author of the book: Government Ruins Nearly Everything, Reclaiming Social Issues From Uncivil Servants.  She is currently the Executive Director of FASTER Colorado; please welcome Laura Carno to the show.

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II. Run and Gun

III. Let’s Mix It Up

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On this episode of Let’s Mix It Up, we take a deeper look at how to harden our schools and protect our school children.

IV. Outro

We want to thank Laura for coming on the show and telling us about FASTER Colorado. We think it goes without saying that we need to protect our innocent children at all costs.  Hopes, prayers and more gun control certainly won’t accomplish it, but hardening our schools certainly can. We hope more states start to see programs like Laura’s as a proactive way to accomplish this and we thank her so very much for leading this charge.

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