83: Becoming a Self-Reliant Protector with David Acosta Jr.

How’s it going everybody and welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I talk with the owner of Allegiance Defense Solutions and take an in depth look at home defense preparations and training.
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I. Interview

Today’s guest had a dream of becoming a police officer and at a young age was able to successfully chase down that dream.  After a long career and a myriad of roles, he would eventually retire and go on to start his own training company.  To this day he remains a student of his craft and is passionate about preparing good Americans to be self-reliant defenders.   Please welcome David Acosta Jr. from Allegiance Defense Solutions.


  1. You grew up with the dream of becoming a police officer.  How old were you when you knew that police work was your calling and what was it that drew you to the career?
  2. You have talked about over your policing career you felt that victims “outsourced their protection.” That phase really resonated with me. Can you expand on what exactly you mean by that? (Growing up in the northeast does he think people do not choose to protect themselves because of the gun restrictions?)
  3. You held many positions throughout your law enforcement career including: patrol, low profile investigations, narcotics and undercover work, federal task force, warrant task force, fugitive task force, academy instructor, and SWAT.  If you had to choose what was your favorite role in your career? (Why? Stories?)
  4. Given your time in New Haven I have to know who has the best Pizza? Sally’s, Bar, Modern, or Frank Pepe? Have you been to Louis Lunch where the birth of the hamburger is claimed?
  5. You have some great content on your instagram regarding combatives.  If we were to take someone with zero skills and wanted to make them into a formidable asset what would the recipe be? (Physical fitness, guns, blade work, grappling, striking, medical training, etc)
  6. How can people protect themselves from paying for subpar training? What should we be on the lookout for when researching training partners?
  7. Tell everyone where they can find you online.

I want to get to Run and Gun, but before we do, let’s talk about Ridgeline Defense.  Ridgeline is one of the nations premier training facilities and their highly trained staff specializes in pistol, carbine, precision rifle, breaching, sniper operations, and low visibility force protection.  If you are looking to take your skills to the next level, you’ve found your new training partner. Check them out at Ridgelineshooting.com

II. Run and Gun

III. Let’s Mix It Up

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On this episode of Let’s Mix It Up, we discuss home defense preparations and training.

IV. Outro

We want to thank David for coming on the show and sharing his story with us, as well as his insight on how to become more capable humans. Home defense is something very important, unique to each person’s individual situation, and David has given some serious food for thought.

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