8: Reloading Ammunition with Dave

Welcome to the Gun Experiment Episode 008.  This week Keith and I enter the world of reloading with Dave Echeveria, debate buying vs. building an AR 15 and explore the dangerous world of gun and knife fighting.

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I. Interview (02:05)

Our guest tonight is a former United States Marine, a World Champion in BJJ, and overall gun and shooting enthusiast please welcome to the show, Dave Echeveria.  On this episode, Dave will be sharing his years of experience in reloading and knowledge of ballistics with us

II. Run and gun (38:28)

We ask Dave our 10 rapid fire questions to see if he has what it takes to run and gun with the best of them.

III. Let’s Mix it Up (39:48)

So you want to get your first AR 15? We’ll discuss whether you should buy it or build it.

IV. Shootin’ the Shit (45:06)

Assuming you can’t run and must engage, would you rather get into a knife fight or a gun fight and why?

V. Outro (49:56)

We want to thank Dave for being on the show and sharing his vast knowledge of reloading. It has opened our eyes to not only the advantages of reloading, but how to get started down the path.

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