7: Keith’s Buggin’ Out

Welcome to the Gun Experiment Episode 007.  This week Keith and I hang out with Cousin Brian, review Ameriglo sights,  Rifle Rods and set up our dream workshop.

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I. Interview (03:46)

We hang out with Keith’s cousin Brian and chat about the role that firearms play in rural living and self preparedness.

II. Run and gun (25:19)

III. Top Gear (27:48)

Keith’s Product: Rifle Rods 

  • $22 Made in the USA
  • Purpose is to maximize the storage in your gun safe small or large
  • Sometimes the simplest designs work the best.
  • Plastic rods that fit into the barrel of a rifle or shotgun and allow you to stand your guns straight up and down and next to each other or in front and behind each other. Overall fairly easy to install.
  • https://www.storemoreguns.com/search.php?search_query=rifle+rods

Mike’s Product(s): Ameriglo (Proglo) Front Sight and I.C.E. Claw Rear Sight

Front Sight

Rear Sight

IV. Shootin’ the Shit (41:08)

Setting up the Ideal Workshop or Garage

  • You get a 3000 Sq ft outbuilding, what do you deck it out with to make it the ultimate workspace.

V. Outro (50:34)

We want to thank Cousin  Brian for being on the show and having a great conversation about being more self sufficient and prepared.

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