68: Strengthening the Second Amendment Community w/ Jimmy Rodriguez of Jim’s Goon Life

How’s it going everybody and welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I talk to a gun toting digital creator and review a new IFAK and Noveske barrels.

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I. Interview
Today’s guest co-founded the Average Joes Range Day as a way to make firearms training more accessible and to bridge the gap between the average gun owner and the prepared citizen.  He also happens to host a fantastic youtube channel called Jim’s Goon Life; please welcome Jimmy Rodriguez to the show.

II. Run and Gun

III. Top Gear
On this episode of Top Gear, we review an IFAK from Active Carry Technologies and Rifle barrels from Noveske.

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Gear Reviewed on this episode:
a.  Active Carry Technologies
b. Noveske barrels

IV. Outro
I want to thank Jimmy for coming on the show and discussing his creative projects and sharing his passion for growing the second amendment community. I keep saying how important it is, that as a community we continue to normalize gun ownership and break down stereotypes of what a “typical gun owner” is and his content and the Average Joe’s movement is on the forefront of this concept.
Jim’s Goon Life     Instagram     Youtube

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