67: Bonus Episode: Target Sports USA Ammo+ Day Celebration

How’s it going everybody and welcome to The Gun Experiment.  On this very special episode, Keith and I are back in Cheshire, CT to take part in Target Sports USA’s Ammo+ Day celebration.

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I. Welcome from Target Sports USA

Be sure to join Target Sports USA’s Ammo+ to get great deals on ammo and a chance to get all their exclusive offers, contents and prizes in the future.

II. Contestant Interviews

  • Contestant #1 Adam from Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Contestant #2 Ron from Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Contestant #3 Garrett from Austin, Texas
  • Contestant #4 Jeffrey from Pepperell, Massachusetts

III. Industry Partners and Guests

  • Josh from Federal Ammunition
  • 22. Plinkster

IV. Outro

To everyone listening we want to thank you again for taking time out of your day to tune into our show; You can find links in the show notes to all of our social media, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Discord so we can keep the conversation going.

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