63: Second Amendment Advocacy with Bill Sack of Firearms Policy Coalition

How’s it going everybody and welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I talk with the Director of Legal Operations for The Firearms Policy Coalition and take a deep dive into federal and state assault weapon bans.

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I. Interview
Today’s guest is the Director of Legal Operations for the Firearms Policy Coalition. He is a graduate of George Washington University and Delaware Law School. When he is helping to fight anti-gun legislation, he enjoys tinkering with and shooting outdated, low capacity handguns; please welcome Bill Sack

II. Run and Gun

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III. Let’s Mix It Up

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On this Episode of Let’s Mix It Up, we discuss assault weapons bans on the state and federal level.

IV. Outro
I want to thank Bill for coming on the show and giving us so much valuable information about the legal process. I also want to thank the Firearms Policy Coalition for everything they are doing for our gun rights. As gun owners we are constantly under a barrage of new anti-gun legislation and it is comforting to know that organizations like FPC are out there pushing back and providing much needed relief from tyranny.
Firearms Policy Coalition

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