51: Low Light Shooting with Ben Dewalt

How’s it going everybody and welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I talk about Low Light Shooting and discuss battle belt awesomeness.

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I. Interview
Our guest tonight is the founder, owner and lead instructor at On Sight Firearms Training; please welcome back, Ben DeWalt to the show.

II. Let’s Mix it Up
On this episode of Let’s Mix it Up, we discuss our Battle Belt builds.
Blue Alpha Gear Double Belt Rig w/ Molle  (154.97)
Esstac Kywi ($47.50)
Flatline Fiber Co Dump Pouch *in collaboration with Kinetic Consulting ($65)
Tier One Concealment Optio (.125) OWB Holster ($70)
Safariland QLS Fork and and receiver Plate ($34)
Safariland Mid-ride Belt Loop ($25)
T- Rex Arms Thigh Strap ($18)
Blue Alpha Lanyard ($15.97)
Soil Eater V2 Tourniquet Holder ($25)

III. Outro
We want to thank Ben for working with us on our low light shooting skills and joining us on the show to discuss the topic in more detail.  Be sure to check out his website for future classes, I think you will be pleased with his classes.  Ben is one of many great instructors, regardless of who you decide to train with, make sure you are putting in that work to be a more proficient protector.
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