49: The Way of Ronin: Tu Lam’s Journey from Refugee to Warrior

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On today’s episode we have the opportunity to sit down with a very special guest who has an amazing story and I am very excited to have an in depth conversation. Before we get started this uninterrupted conversation is made possible by Coopers Coffee and 4 Patriots.

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Today’s guest spent 23 years in special forces as a Green Beret. An edged weapons expert who has spent over half his life studying various martial art forms and a devoted student of Bushido, he has dedicated his life after the military to training others through his company Ronin Tactics. He was the host of the popular History Channel show, Knife or Death, and the Inspiration for the Call of Duty Operator Ronin; please welcome Tu Lam to the show.

  1. Vietnam, Refugee, Early Racism
  2. Ranger School and Special Forces Training
  3. Martial Arts Fighting Career
  4. Meeting Ruthie
  5. Working in High End Unit, The Monster Starts to Take Over, Pill Addiction
  6. History Channel, Call of Duty and Ronin Tactics
  7. Treatment in Mexico
  8. Run and Gun
  9. Outro

That’ll do it for this episode. We want to thank all of our listeners for tuning in to this special interview. If anyone out there has any opinions or thoughts on tonight’s conversation, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, Discord or Spotify

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