45: Discussing AI, Gun Rights, Transgender issues and Media Influence with Chris Blau

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Tonight’s guest co-host has been on the show many times before and always brings great conversation and insight. He is one half of the 1911 Syndicate Duo. I’m pleased to welcome back Chris Blau to the show.

Tonight’s Topics of Discussion

I. Intro:

Catch up with Chris

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II. Illegal Immigrants have 2A Rights, Judge Rules

III. TikToker Tells Illegal Immigrants how to Invoke Squatter’s Rights

IV. Vista Outdoors Get’s Higher Bid from Non American Company

V. Diddy’s Home Raided by Homeland Security

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VI. Kyle Rittenhouse Faces College Hostility

VII. First New Antibiotic discovered in 60 Years, Thanks to AI

VIII. Planet Fitness in Transgender Turmoil

VIIII. PD Uses Lego Faces to Protect Suspect ID’s

VIIII. Outro

That’ll do it for this episode. We want to thank all of our listeners for tuning in anda very special thanks to Chris for hanging out with us and choppin’ it up; be sure to check him out at the 1911 Syndicate If anyone out there has any opinions or thoughts on tonight’s conversation, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, Discord or Spotify and let your voice be heard.

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