44: Gun Culture, Tipping Norms,The Supreme Court and Story Time with Frank

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Tonight’s guest co-host is an FFL, fellow NYer and a good friend I’m pleased to welcome back Frank Riess of Wallkill River Small Arms

Tonight’s Topics of Discussion

I. Intro:

  1. Catch up with Frank
  2. NRA World Shooting Championship

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II. Supreme Court: Rules Unanimous for Trump

III. Biden Admin Flew in Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants to US

IV. Game: Fake News

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V. New Bill Would Expand Castle Doctrine

VI. Man Points Security Camera at Woman’s Bedroom Window

VII. Americans Fed Up with Excessive Tipping

VIII. Subway Bag Checks; Hochul Bans “Long Gun’s”

VIIII. Home Depot Bomb Threat

VIIII. Outro

We want to thank all of our listeners for tuning in and a very special thanks to Frank for hanging out with us and choppin’ it up; be sure to check them out at WallkillRiverSmallArms.com If anyone out there has any opinions or thoughts on tonight’s conversation, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, Discord or Spotify and let your voice be heard.

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