4: Eric B, No Rakim

Welcome to the Gun Experiment episode 004.  This week we talk to Eric B, review Kershaw Knives, Keith talks about buying his first AR 15, we also discuss new shooters and a good cup of coffee. 

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 I. Interview (01:21)

Our Good friend Eric B.

II. Run and Gun (07:55)

III. Mixin’ It Up (09:40)

 “Gun Salesman of the Year”: The CoronaVirus    

 III. Top Gear (28:14)

 Keith’s Product: S&W M&P 15 (Carbine)

 Mike’s Product: Kershaw Knives

IV. Shootin’ the Shit (40:40)

A Good Cup of Coffee

V. Outro (47:41)

We want to thank Eric for coming on the show it’s always a pleasure to catch up with him and we hope he will come on the show again.

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