37: Choppin It Up About Ridgeline Rifles, NY Gun News, Road Rage, F-35’s and Naughty Elves with Alex Hartmann

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Tonight’s guest co-host was a guest on The Gun Experiment a while back and runs one of the sickest training facilities in the country.  He’s back to chop it up with us, please welcome Alex Hartmann from Ridgeline Defense.

Tonight’s Topics of Discussion
I. Intro:

  • Catch up with Alex
  • Ridgeline Rifles
  • Ridgeline Outfitters
  • What’s next?

II. Gun Law News: Court of Appeals deals blow to NY

III. Chicago Lawsuit Against Bussing Migrants (Murder Article)

IV. Man Pulls Gun on Driver for Honking

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V. NYC, Worst City to be Single

VI. F-35 Reminds China who’s Top Dog (Opinion)

VII.  Naughty Elf on the Shelf

VIII. Outro

I think that’ll do it for this episode. I want to thank all of our listeners for tuning in and a very special thanks to Alex for hanging out with us and choppin’ it up; be sure to head over to Ridgeline Defense to check out all of their training courses and their soon to be released Ridgeline Rifle. If anyone out there has any opinions or thoughts on tonight’s conversation, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, Twitter, Discord or Spotify and let your voice be heard.

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