3: Gunshot

Welcome to the Gun Experiment episode 003.  This week Keith and I talk to an up and coming amateur MMA fighter, talk about three things every gun owner must buy and driving a manual transmission.  

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I. Interview (00:40)

Our guest today is a 24 year old Mixed Mixed Martial Artist fighting out of Beacon, NY. With an amateur record of 5-1, please welcome Andrew “Gunshot”Geisler


II. Run and Gun (27:45)

III. Mixin’ it up (29:52)

So you bought a gun; now what? Top three things you should buy after you buy a gun.

IV. Shootin’ the Shit (38:35)

 Driving a Manual Transmission

V. Outro (44:15)

We want to thank Andrew for coming on the show.  Be sure to follow him on Instagram @Andrewgeislerr

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