26: The Egg Rolls are Worth Fighting for

Rob Pincus

Welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I speak with the founder of The Personal Defense Network and I.C.E Training, discuss ghost guns and talk about the big man’s new ear protection.I just want to remind everyone that we drop new episodes on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month so be sure to subscribe and share the show with friends.  Subscribe here

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I. Interview (00:05:00)
Our guest tonight is a professional trainer, author and consultant. He is the owner of the I.C.E. Training company and the Executive Director of the Personal Defense Network, please welcome Rob Pincus to the show.

II.Run and Gun (00:51:42)

III. Let’s Mix It Up (00:53:47)
Today on Let’s Mix It Up  we talk about “Ghost Guns” 

IV. Top Gear (1:14:56)
Keith’s Product: Walker Razer Hearing Protection
Rob’s Product: CQT by Steiner USA

V. Outro (01:26:02)
We want to thank Rob for coming on the show and sharing with. To find out more about Rob and his content, check him out at:
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