25: Hearing is Believing

Flatline Fiber Co
Welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I speak with a purveyor of hand sewn shooting products, perform another live review and discuss hearing protection.
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I. Interview (00:04:30)
Our guest tonight started making sewn goods for the shooting community in 2019. All of his products are made with the best materials right here in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty, please welcome Chad Smith from Flatline Fiberco.
II. Run and Gun (00:44:22)
III. Top Gear (00:46:10)
Today on “Top Gear”we will do a live review Flatline FiberCo’s Slings and EarPro Wraps.
IV. Let’s Mix It Up (01:04:39)
This weeks “Let’s Mix It up” segment is all about different types of Ear Protection and the pro’s and cons of each.
V. Outro (01:18:26)
We want to thank Chad for coming on the show, sharing his craft and expertise with us You can find him at:
Flatline Fiberco     Instagram     Facebook
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