23: Mike the Cop Reads Us our Rights (to Laugh)

Mike the Cop interview

Welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I speak to a hilarious Youtube personality, discuss gun confiscations and play “Master of Disguise”

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I. Interview (00:02:37)

Our guest tonight is the comedic video creator behind a popular Youtube channel. He creates popular viral videos based on his experience as a police officer with the goal of creating content that is humorous, engaging and educational; please welcome the one and only, Mike the Cop.

II. Run and Gun (00:48:29)

III. Let’s Mix It Up (00:51:45)
Tonight on “Let’s Mix It Up” we talk about the proper way to handle being pulled over by the police, while carrying a concealed weapon. For a laugh check out: Any firearms in the car today?

IV. Shootin’ the Shit (01:01:11)

On this segment  of “Shootin’ the Shit” we will play a game called “Master of  Disguise”

V. Outro (01:05:32)

We want to thank Mike for coming on the show, sharing his experiences and playing silly games with us. You can find him at: 

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