22: Dangerous With a Sewing Machine

Welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I talk with the owner of Cole-Tac Outdoor Gear,  discuss Guns for Dummies and became “A listers” for the night. 

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I. Interview (00:02:55)
Our guest tonight runs a tactical accessory manufacturing company dedicated to creating the toughest gear for shooting enthusiasts and agencies demanding perfection from their equipment, please welcome Dustin Coleman from Cole-Tac.

II. Run and Gun (00:51:48)

III. Let’s Mix It Up (00:54:20)

Guns for Dummies:If someone wants to get into shooting/buy their first gun what advice, step by step, would you give them to get started?

IV. Shootin’ the Shit (01:03:56)

If you could be the absolute best in the world (A- List) at one of these, which would you choose and what’s your rational.

V. Outro (01:08:57)

We want to thank Dustin for being on the show and telling us more about the Cole-Tac and all the great products they make. Go check them out at: 

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