19: Christmas with Johnny B, Big Keith and Maurice?

Welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I speak with a You tube personality with personality, discuss Christmas wish lists for gun owners and shoot the shit about our favorite holiday traditions.

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I. Interview (00:01:57)

Our guest tonight has been creating quality product reviews and social media content for the firearms community since 2016. He was the creative force behind 180 Second Ideas, and donned a feather boa for us as Gun Drama Johnny, please welcome You Tube’s very own, Johnny B, to the show. 

II. Run and Gun (00:44:18)

III. Let’s Mix It Up (00:45:59)
This week on “Let’s Mix It up” we will discuss gun related Christmas gifts we would recommend to our listeners or Christmas gifts we want ourselves.

IV. Shootin’ the Shit (01:02:02)

This week on “Shootin’ the shit” the guys talk about their favorite Christmas ttraditions. 

V. Outro (01:08:54)

We want to thank Johnny for coming on the show. His experience in the industry as an advocate and influencer is important work and we appreciate what he is doing for the second amendment. You can find him at: 

Youtube        Instagram

To everyone listening we want to thank you again for taking time out of your day to tune into our show; You can find links in the show notes to all of our social media, so be sure to follow us Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so we can keep the conversation going. 

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Annual “.22 before the 25th” Course of Fire 


  1. This competition is open format: iron sights, scopes, red dots, etc are allowed.
  2. Each shooter will be allowed to shoot one practice magazine up to 10 rounds prior to the official start, but sighting in should be done prior to the start time.
  3. No slings allowed for steadying purposes.
  4. Each shooter will shoot 2 rounds consisting of 15 shots per round. The rounds will be as follows:

Round 1: Bench Rest Shooting

50 Yard, Small Knockdown (5 shots)

100 Yard, Large Plate (5 shots)

100 Yard, Small Plate (5 shots)

Total: 15 points

Round 2: Off Hand Shooting

50 yard, Large Plate (5 shots)

50 Yard, Small Knockdown (5 shots)

100 Yard, Large Plate (5 shots)

Total: 15 points

Bonus Round: 100 Yard Small Gong Offhand

  • 3 points (5 chances, only 1 counts)
  • You only get to shoot this if you are within 3 points of tying the leader(s).
  • This only allows you to tie the leader(s), you cannot win on this shot alone
  • If anyone ties the leader with the bonus, the leader will get a chance to shoot the bonus round to end the competition. If he fails to do so it will go to a shoot off.

*The best score out of 30 points wins.  In the case of a tie, a shoot off will take place (TBT)

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