18: Keep Your Head Down and Your Pants Up

Welcome to The Gun Experiment.  This week Keith and I hang out with Kurt Sills from Blue Alpha Gear, review the Microstream flashlight and Sentry Strap and talk about gun guys that are just too serious.

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I. Interview (00:03:02)

Our guest tonight is the owner of a company that makes high quality products catering to the outdoor and shooting community. They take pride in offering a great value for their products and great service to their customers, please welcome Kurt Sills from Blue Alpha Gear.  

II. Run and Gun (00:43:42)

III. Top Gear (00:46:19)

a. Mike’s Product Review: The Streamlight Microstream

Click here to purchase the Streamlight Microstream

b. Kurt’s Product Review: Neo Mag Sentry Strap


IV. Shootin’ the Shit (00:55:32)

Today on Shootin’ the shit we are going to talk about gun guys that are just too serious.

V. Outro (01:09:24)

We want to thank Kurt for being on the show and telling us more about the company. Go check out all their great products and information at: 

Blue Alpha Gear      Facebook           Instagram

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