17: Choppin’ it with Peter Tilem

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Before we get going tonight, I want to talk about  Onsight Firearms Training. They will be bringing in Bob Keller of Gamut Resolutions May 20th & 21st for a two day Introduction to tactical carbine and pistol class. Head on over to oftllc.us to sign up for this class and many more.

Tonight’s guest co-host is no stranger to the show and this time he is in the studio and ready to chop it up with us. I’m pleased to welcome Peter Tilem from Tilem and Associates, back to the Gun Experiment.

Tonight’s Topics of Discussion
I. Intro

II. 2nd Circuit Case Discussion

III. President Trump’s Indictment 

IV. Nashville Shooting

President Biden

V. Bank Heist in Colorado

VI. Gun Gear We Want

VII. Weights In Fish! (Update)

VIII. Outro

I think that’ll do it for this episode. I want to thank all of our listeners for tuning in and a very special thanks to Peter for hanging out with us and choppin’ it up.  If anyone out there has any opinions or thoughts on tonight’s conversation, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or Discord and let your voice be heard.

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