15: Choppin’ It Up with Amanda Suffecool

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Before we get going tonight, I want to talk about  Onsight Firearms Training. They have an extensive course offering and teach classes across the country.  You’re guaranteed to find a course to meet your needs.

Tonight’s guest co-host is a newcomer to the Gun Experiment and we are very excited to welcome her to the show, please welcome Amanda Suffecool

Tonight’s Topics of Discussion
I. Intro:

II. NJ Man Attempts to Board Plane with Guns, Taser and Fake US Marshall ID

III. Family Slammed for Disneyland Ride Hack

IV. How One City has Cut Gun Violence in Half

V. Putin Bestows Friendship Award on Actor Steven Seagal (Under Siege 1992)

VI. Texas Superintendent Resigns after Student Finds Gun in Bathroom

VII. Dog goes after Hammerhead Shark in Bahamas

VIII. Outro

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