11: Building a better NY/Cali Compliant AR 15

Welcome to the Gun Experiment Episode 011.  This week Keith and I speak to Will Katz from Resurgent Arms, do our first live product review, torture test a tourniquet and talk about time travel.

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I. Interview (00:02:07)
Our guest tonight is trying to revive the gun culture in places like NY and California, by selling innovative and reasonably priced featureless gear, please welcome the owner of Resurgent Arms, Will Katz.

II. Run and Gun (00:22:10)

III. Top Gear (00:24:07)

a. Live Review: Resurgent Arms extended safety, stock stop, grip.


  • Magazines reloads function normally
  • Decent one handed purchase on grip (unlike the spur)
  • Storage in Grip
  •  Allows for normal looking stock
  • The stock stop is very easy to install and does not require damage to your stock.
  • The right angle on the safety is easy to use.
  • Made in the USA


  • Ergonomics are a little off / A little uncomfortable (Bring up Crystle)
  • Bite in webbing of hand (didn’t have a chance to test out ergonomic endplate)
  • Grip storage a little tough to open


  • Looks/Style


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b. B5 Bravo Stock

  • Light weight
  • Great cheek weld

IV. Shootin’ The Shit (00:50:30)

 If you could live during any other era in the history of the world, other than our current time what would it be and why?

V. Outro (00:56:51)
I want to thank Will for being on the show, his product is a really nice option for people in states with regulations on the AR 15. Find Will and all of his products at:

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