103: Mike Rock’s Story: From Green Beret to Hunting Child Predators

Welcome to The Gun Experiment. On this episode we sit down with a former Green Beret, discuss the battle to end child exploitation and discuss strategies to keep your own children out of harm’s way.

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I. Interview

Today’s guest is an actor, director, and producer who also happens to be a retired and 100% disabled U.S. Army Special Forces Engineer Sergeant. He retired from the Army in 2014, and quickly took on a job working with an Internet Crimes Against Children task force. This job has allowed him to help save exploited children, and take down the monsters that harm them; please welcome Mike Rock to the show.

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Today on Let’s Mix It Up we are going to talk about the best practices to protect your children from being victims of exploitation.

IV. Outro

We’re really glad we had Mike on the show and we want to thank him for all that he has done for our country, particularly what he’s currently doing to help protect exploited children. As a father, this topic is my worst nightmare and it’s such a scary thought, but I’m thankful that there are people like him doing this type of work.

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