101: Biological Threats and Homeland Security with Chris Downs

Welcome to The Gun Experiment. On this episode, we sit down for a conversation with a Biodefense and Homeland Security Consultant and take an in depth look at strategies to mitigate personal risk for you and your family.

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I. Interview

Today’s guest has a Masters Degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security with a concentration in Biothreat Management. He is also a board-certified Tactical Paramedic and currently teaches first responder material in areas such as disaster response, trauma and medical care; please welcome Chris Downs to the show.

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Today on Let’s Mix It Up we are going to talk about strategies to help mitigatepersonal risk for you and your family

IV. Outro

We appreciate Chris coming on the show. Living in a digital world, we are constantly being inundated by social media and the news about the next threat to our safety. While we can’t predict or stop every threat, we can mitigate them through education and preparation. Talking with people such as Chris, makes that possible and we really appreciate him spending this time with us.


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