10: Competition Shooting, Life Saving Tactics and the Supreme Court

Update: This interview was prerecorded. The Supreme Court cases discussed in this episode were not taken by the court. It is our belief at TGE that the conversation is still important and relevant.  

Welcome to the Gun Experiment Episode 010.  This week Keith and I speak to a Criminal Investigator, talk about the supreme court and discuss new products.

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I. Interview (00:01:45)

Our guest tonight retired from the US Army with 28 years experience, has over 20 years in law enforcement, is a Master Class high power shooter, NRA instructor and currently works as a criminal investigator Law enforcement Agent; please welcome Rick E. to the show.

*Disclaimer: Rick’s last name and actual position are being withheld due to the nature of what he does for a living.

II. Run and Gun (00:41:33)

III. Mixin’ it Up (00:43:40)

We discuss the Supreme court cases that they could take up and why they should.

*Update: This interview was pre recorded and after it was recorded the supreme court decided not to hear any of the cases discussed.

IV. Top Gear (00:58:33)

 Primary Arms Advanced Micro Red Dot

  1. Similar to Aimpoint micro T-2
  2. 50,000 hour battery life
  3. 12 brightness settings
  4. 2 MOA red dot
  5. Waterproof and fog proof
  6. Comes with bikini cover
  7. $150 comes w/ 3 year warranty
  8. https://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-advanced-micro-dot-with-push-buttons-and-up-to-50k-hour-battery-life-red-dot

Gunzilla CLP Gun Cleaner

  • Non Toxic
  • Leaves dry fill lubricant
  • No odor


V. Outro (1:06:00)

We want to thank Rick for being on the show and sharing his years of expertise with us. His on tactical was invaluable and we learned a lot.

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