Conservatives Are Blamed For Everything

Dear Fellow Patriots,

I’m excited to share some highlights from this episode featuring Michael Parks of Agency Arms. During this show, we discussed topics ranging from social media to gun ownership rights and emphasized the importance of family values.

One key takeaway from the discussion was the ongoing debate around the Second Amendment and the distinction between the rights of citizens and non-citizens.  We made some important statistical comparisons between states with opposing views on gun ownership, such as California and Texas, noting that both sides of the debate can be found at the top of the list of states with the highest number of school shootings, which supports the idea that maybe gun control doesn’t have the impact many anti gun proponents think it does.

We also delved into some of the negative effects of social media, such as its potential to exacerbate mental health issues and promote negative attitudes towards law enforcement. Additionally, we highlighted that even with strict gun laws, violent crime rates can remain high as evidenced in the findings from the UK.

One particularly thought-provoking moment from the episode was when Michael shared his concerns about the push for discontinuation of the nuclear family. He cited the impact it has on civil discourse and the inability to have conversations with opposing viewpoints.

We hope you find the conversation insightful and consider listening to the full episode when you find the time.

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