What Features to Look for in a Tactical Flashlight

In our post about the 5 reasons you should carry a tactical flashlight with you everywhere, we discuss all of the tactical advantages to carrying a flashlight.  The problem is, not all flashlights are created equal.  Have no fear; we are here to help guide you to the perfect tactical flashlight for you.

Quality is King

If you are looking for a flashlight to keep in the old junk drawer a dollar store special is great. When we are talking about a tactical flashlight, be sure to buy from a reputable brand. I personally like products from Surefire and Streamlight. Both are tried and true and offer lifetime warrenties.

 Make Sure it has a Tail Cap

Flashlights come with side activated and tail cap activated options. For a tactical flashlight stick to the tail cap option. It allows it to be held in your fist  and activated with your thumb. This will allow you to use it in conjunction with a firearm. 

Keep is Simple

You can get tactical flashlights with all kinds of lighting options including different brightness settings and strobe features.  This is a bit of a personal preference, but for me I want a simple on and off with one click of the button.  When things go south and I’m under extreme stress, I don’t want to be fiddling through all sorts of brightness options. I just want fast, bright light.

Light and Bright

If this is going to be an EDC tactical flashlight and become a part of your life, it needs to be small and light weight or you won’t carry it. It also needs to be bright enough to “visually incapacitate” someone when shined in their eyes. I personally wouldn’t consider carrying anything less than 250 lumens. These were the exact reasons I chose the Streamlight Microstream. It is tiny and relatively bright despite it’s diminutive size.  

Microstream USB Flashlight

Other Factors to Consider

Some people like a tactical bezel that can be used for blunt force trauma.  You should also look for a light that is water resistent and has a pocket clip.  One final consideration is to find a light that is rechargeable to ensure you always have a reliable light source ready to go.


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