Body Armor For Civilians: A Practical Application

Did you know any law-abiding citizen in the US can legally buy body armor.  Many people have a misconception that only the military and law enforcement need this type of protection, but it is very beneficial for civilians as well. 

From home invasions to riots and looting, there are many situations in which you may have to protect yourself, your business, and the people you love. In such difficult scenarios having body armor can make the difference between life and death. 

Body armor can also be very easy to get, there are many brands that make armor for civilians in the US, however, Spartan Armor Systems are definitely one of the best, and using the discount code Gunexperiment15 could get you a 15% discount. You can hear more about their story here.

Body Armor for Civilians
AR 500 Armor Body Armor

Let’s dive into some of the main reasons why you may want to purchase such a useful tool and answer some of your burning questions related to it’s civilian application. 


Reason #1: Armor can offer protection against home invaders and other similar threats

Though law enforcement officials are there to protect us, in the real world, the protection of ourselves and our family falls into our own hands. There are hundreds of cases of home invasions and burglaries gone wrong and people being shot. 

In such self-defense situations, body armor can be very helpful. It can keep you safe if you get shot at and it also serves as a mounting point for all of your self-defense gear. You can have additional ammo for your primary self-defense weapon on your vest or carrier, along with other essentials like flashlights and medkits. 

Having a plate carrier with all of your self-defense gear on it ensures that you can access your gear instantly in a high-pressure situation and be able to defend your home and your family within a matter of seconds. 

Reason #2: Armor can help you protect your business.

If you own a business like a jewelry shop, car dealership, pawn shop, gun store, or any other place where you may have a lot of valuable inventory and cash, you are always at the risk of robberies and hold-ups. 

You are especially at risk at small businesses that stay open late like gas stations, and 24-hour convenience stores. These places are a prime target for robbers, who in many cases use guns. 

So, if you have body armor, you can be more confident in your defense strategy, potentially saving your life, along with a lot of financial loss. 

Reason #3: Armor can protect you at your job.

Certain jobs can also put you at a higher risk of being shot at as a civilian. For instance, if you work at a bank, post office, or pharmacy, you could find yourself in a robbery or hostage situation, where your life is in danger. 

In such situations, you will obviously be in a better state to defend yourself, and potentially save the lives of others if you are wearing body armor. Even if you aren’t a security guard, wearing body armor can be very beneficial.

The real shame is that even schools aren’t completely safe. With some of the recent cases of school shootings in the US, citizens are concerned for the safety of their children, and their teachers along with all the other staff that work in schools. Though in some states like Louisiana, you can’t wear armor in schools, in other states it is legal. Wearing body armor in school could potentially save your life and help you protect students as well. 

Reason #4: Armor can help keep you stay safe in dangerous neighborhoods.

If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, with higher crime rates, you never know when you might have to face a threat. There are many situations in which body armor can be very useful, for instance, when you are taking money to the bank, having armor can significantly increase your chances of survivability if you face a threat. 

Is it legal to own and use body armor in the US?

Under federal law, anyone in the US, who has not committed a violent crime can buy and wear body armor in public, or use it at home. If convicted felons are working at a job that requires them to wear body armor, then they need to have written certification from their employers to do so. 

Obviously, using body armor for illegal and unlawful activities is illegal, however, in normal circumstances, any law-abiding citizen can wear any kind of body armor, whether it is soft armor vests or rifle protection armor plates. 

Some states have restrictions of their own, for instance, in Connecticut, you can’t order body armor online, and have to purchase it face to face. In some states, you can’t wear body armor in certain situations, for instance, in Louisiana, it is illegal to wear armor on school properties. You should definitely do your own research into the laws and restrictions in your state.

What kind of body armor is best for civilians?  The best type of armor for you depends a lot on what it will be used for. For the most part, soft armor is good, since it is lightweight. They only protect against pistol threats, however, pistol threats are significantly more common. This is why most police officers use soft armor vests. If you feel like you are going to face rifle threats, you can also use plate carriers and hard armor plates. 

When you are buying body armor, it is also important to decide whether you want overt (exterior wear), or concealable. For self-defense, overt armor is better, however, if you want to wear body armor every day, perhaps at your job, or at your business, then concealable lightweight body armor is the way to go. It is inconspicuous and a lot easier to wear for longer periods of time. 

Don’t forget, if you are looking for the best body armor for civilians, you need to check out Spartan Armor Systems, use discount code gunexperiment15 at checkout to get 15 percent off. Whether you are looking for soft armor, armor plates, or any other armor accessories, like mag pouches and plate carriers, Spartan Armor Systems has got you covered. 

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